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The Big Idea Behind a Little Robot

“I’m a little strange, but certainly was inspired by robots being practical.” 

4 Ways to Get Prepped for the 2013 Startup Showcase

Listen to the Startup Showcase Playlist

Nothing can get you pumped up quite like music. Check out this playlist with some fresh tracks to get you ready for all the awesome that the 2013 Finalists are about to bring on.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, Startup Senators

During their visit, our finalists had the privilege of pitching their companies and sharing a few thoughts with Senator Warren and Senator Markey.

Startups and Law Firms

“Lawyers often act as a startup’s first outside advisor, even before angels or venture capital investors,” explained Gabor Garai, partner at Foley & Lardner. “We’ve worked with more startups than even the most experienced serial entrepreneur, so we’ve seen the best practices among startups, and we’ve also seen some of the worst, so we can give you the lay of the land.” 

Solve Human Problems:

What I want to tell you about is a phrase I actually picked up last week from a mentor.  I've lived it and felt it my whole life, but didn't have the right combination of English vernacular quite down yet.  Now I do: benefit driven design.  You can even take it a step further, user-centric-benefit-design.  But that's kind of ugly sounding.  When you design around benefits, you will accomplish something truly special and meaningful.

You Can’t Save the World Without a Vision

Griffith explains that in the beginning it isn’t important to think about environmental impact or trendy concepts. Those benefits will fall into place based on strong core values. That said, a company’s core values are the laws, in which a company lives and breathes by.
Here are the 5 core values, which Zipcar and its employees live by:

Obsessive about member experience:

School is out, but the Finalists are in!

Keep the learning alive this summer by avoiding the brain drain and check out great educational tools created by our finalists:
SchoolYourself is an interactive learning tool, which uses high-quality content and professional expertise to permit users to learn visually in a digital platform, unlike traditional textbooks. Through SchoolYourself people learn differently with a personalized and independent experience.

MassChallenge Israel Mini Boot Camp

The seven MassChallenge Israel Finalists that attended were:
DialogWhiz - gives structure to web discussions, making them truly effective for getting informed and making decisions
Greenvolved – is an evolution of crowdfunding for environmental projects that lets individuals and corporations to co-operate- for our planet

5 Smart Cloud Services for Startups

1. Capture Your Customers with Insightly

6 Reasons Why JAZE is Excited to Be Coming Home to MassChallenge as Finalists

My co-founder Warren Paul Anderson also spent two years in residence there as a volunteer fellow with the MassChallenge team from 2010 to 2012, after selling his first company. Warren and I actually met at MassChallenge and now we are both pumped to be coming back full circle, a little wiser, as 2013 MassChallenge finalists with JAZE!
Below are six reasons why we are excited to be coming home to MassChallenge and some short tidbits of advice for the incoming class, that we have learned in our past experience at MassChallenge.

1. The People