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Governor Patrick, MassChallenge & Innovation [video]

Hear what he had to say about MassChallenge:

The Etymology of the Entrepreneur

In order to find the answer to this question, we should take our spyglass and peer deep into the annals of history. The word “entrepreneur” originally comes from the combination of two Latin words “entre”, to swim out, and “prendes”, to grasp, understand, or capture. In the year 1800, French-Irish Economist Jean-Baptiste Say combined the two words to popularize the term, “entrepreneur”. 

We're Thankful for MassChallenge Alumni!

Need to clear out the spare bedroom to make room for the in-laws?  Try Fetch Storage, Just pack your extra stuff into their reusable boxes, and they will store and redeliver it on command.
In coming relatives don’t want to deal with traffic during the busiest travel weekend of the year?  Wanderu is the Kayak of ground transportation; search, plan and book; no TSA pat down necessary! 

Codename Entrepreneur: Spy Gadgets

Hello Agent Entrepreneur, I'm your new quartermaster, you can call me Q. We have a good amount of new toys developed by some of the finest startups the world has to offer. Study this briefing very carefully, these could save your life in the field. Who knows, maybe you could be like James Bond – wouldn't that be funny?

Honoring our Veterans: The MC teams that are doing their part

2012 $100K Diamond Winner, RallyPoint, does for the military what LinkedIn does for business, empowering military professionals to pursue the best career opportunities.  RallyPoint gives US military members unprecedented ability to influence their careers by leveraging their own unique military merits and connections to dramatically improve chances of finding ideal employment.  Fittingly the RallyPoint site has launched out of invitation only phase today Veteran’s Day Monday!

Infographic: Creating Jobs

Part I of the MassChallenge Infographic Series. All infographics courtesy of the incredible work of our partners Analogue Studio
During the barrage of 2012 Election Campaign advertising we all heard about the importance of job creation to get the economy back on track. MassChallenge Alumni are doing just that.  In three years our Alumni have opened the doors to 2,912 new jobs and we have the infographic to prove it!

Get to know the Final 26 Startups!

Akrivis’ patented Z-TECT technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will be cured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs - Akrivis Technologies
Black Island Wind Turbines--Reliable for a decade in Antarctica, our 3 kW HRx turbines bring peace-of-mind for meeting critical loads. - Black Island Wind Turbines

The Nina, The Pinta, and the Startup Maria

Happy Columbus Day! Like the great explorer of old, people are driven to explore new and unmarked territory. Here are some high impact startups that seek to help you do just that: 
Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT) has a very innovative response to wheelchair mobility on rough terrain. It uses a lever drivetrain made from bike parts, enabling users to travel 75% faster than a conventional wheelchair. Remove the levers and it becomes a regular wheelchair for indoor use.

Taking Up the Gauntlet -- Judging

This week, high-impact startups armed themselves with their best pitches and presentations and took up the Pre-Final Judging Gauntlet with great success. But that's only the first part of Judging. MassChallenge's intrepid entrepreneurs have yet to face Final Judging next week.