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Engage with MassChallenge 2013

Why 128? We have 128 startups this year as a tribute to the historical Route 128, underscoring the continued innovation renaissance in Boston. The 128 startups hail from 18 U.S. states and 11 international locations, and span all industries including high tech, clean tech and energy, healthcare and life sciences, general and consumer products, and social impact.

Solve Your Own Problems First

This D.I.Y. or self-help attitude frequently leads to a business that makes an impact on broader populations or industries. If you’re solving your own problem, you’re likely curing the same pain for a customer base.
Jordan Fliegel became his own first customer when he started scheduling the athletes he coached on his website. CoachUp now has more than 7,000 other private coaches across the country helping athletes reach the next level.

Inspiration, Change, and Focus

I was feeling pretty confident in what I had done to date with tripchi, having just finished building a notional prototype of the ultimate vision—an inspirational leisure travel website that matched you with your perfect travel destination (eHarmony for travel planning).

The Art of Networking with Master Scott Bailey

Know your goals, know your pitch – find your zen!

When you go into a networking event, you need to have a purpose. If you don't have a set goal, you're not only wasting your time, but the time of the people you're talking to.

Dress the part – respect your honor

Top Leadership Advice from Female Founders

According to the Kauffman Foundation and Dow Jones, women comprise 10% of high growth tech startup founders and 7% have executive roles. Recognizing this, Ms.

3 Tips to Get that Investor's Attention

Here are three things investors look for when deciding when to fund startups:

1. Team and Product Validation with Traction

3 Reasons You Should Brand Your Startup Early

Doug was here to dispel the myth that marketing comes later in the process and cycle of launching a startup. Instead, he stresses the importance of branding for three key value areas: Strategic, Human Resources and Financial strength.

Five Startups Impacting Cancer Now

Akrivis Technologies, LLC was founded in 2009 and is committed to the development of product that will improve early detection and treatment of serious human diseases.  Their patented Z-TECT™ technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will becured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs.

Building a Foundation

John Harthorne: "You can launch a startup to make money. But you need to have values at the core of what you do if you're going to succeed!"
Strategy changes, value does not. Throughout the entire lifespan of the company your core values – the values that caused you to start the company in the first place – have to stay intact. Never compromise on your values in order to make a quick buck, for strategy should revolve around the value - not the other way around.