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Five Startups Impacting Cancer Now

Akrivis Technologies, LLC was founded in 2009 and is committed to the development of product that will improve early detection and treatment of serious human diseases.  Their patented Z-TECT™ technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will becured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs.

Building a Foundation

John Harthorne: "You can launch a startup to make money. But you need to have values at the core of what you do if you're going to succeed!"
Strategy changes, value does not. Throughout the entire lifespan of the company your core values – the values that caused you to start the company in the first place – have to stay intact. Never compromise on your values in order to make a quick buck, for strategy should revolve around the value - not the other way around.

Preview of the MassChallenge Sampler: An Accelerator Mini-Series

The MassChallenge Sampler is an opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to gain access and information from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, mentors (etc.) that will provide value to any startup, in any industry.  We plan to provide practical education and skills to anyone who wants to learn.  We see this as an occasion to showcase what makes the MassChallenge Accelerator special while helping all startups (no matter their admission status) get off on the right foot.

MassChallenge Visits West Coast Startup Community

Thanks to our partners at American Airlines, MassChallenge made a transcontinental journey earlier this month to spread the word about the great things our startups are doing here in Boston. For one week, Scott and I saw the best of the West — flying from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley to Dallas in search of interesting opportunities, game-changing ideas, and potential partners. It’s a big world out there in entrepreneurship and innovation, and if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that the MassChallenge model never fails to inspire and amaze, from coast to coast.

10 MassChallenge Startups Developing Clean Energy Solutions

Inspiring Efficiency:
Dynamo Micropower is developing cleaner, smaller, more powerful portable micro-turbine generators. The primary advantages of the TurboCore generator are smaller size, lower maintenance, and greater fuel flexibility compared to reciprocating engines of similar power range.
(7.5kW Micro Turbine)

12 Holiday Gift Ideas from MC Alumni!

Stocking Stuffers:
Memory on Hand develops and delivers technology accessories for active students of the mobile generation. "Portable. Convenient. Stylish." These wristband USB flash drives are stylish and convenient!

Unwrapping Company Values

Recently, it was announced that Starbucks would be partnering with Square, a smartphone application that allows users to pay through their phones. The partnership allows Starbucks baristas to charge customers just from a picture provided by the user through Square. No fuss, no muss. The partnership also complements Starbucks’ intended image as a homey coffee shop—customers will always be recognized by their servers, as one might experience in a local mom-and-pop shop.

Governor Patrick, MassChallenge & Innovation [video]

Hear what he had to say about MassChallenge:

The Etymology of the Entrepreneur

In order to find the answer to this question, we should take our spyglass and peer deep into the annals of history. The word “entrepreneur” originally comes from the combination of two Latin words “entre”, to swim out, and “prendes”, to grasp, understand, or capture. In the year 1800, French-Irish Economist Jean-Baptiste Say combined the two words to popularize the term, “entrepreneur”. 

We're Thankful for MassChallenge Alumni!

Need to clear out the spare bedroom to make room for the in-laws?  Try Fetch Storage, Just pack your extra stuff into their reusable boxes, and they will store and redeliver it on command.
In coming relatives don’t want to deal with traffic during the busiest travel weekend of the year?  Wanderu is the Kayak of ground transportation; search, plan and book; no TSA pat down necessary!