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The MassChallenge School Survival Guide

Math is fun! Thanks to these teams, that might just come true.
Let’s be real here: math is not all that fun. However, if you are looking for a unique way to teach it to youths, look no further than NBA Math Hoops. By using fun and effective educational tools that harness the power of the NBA, the board game looks to greatly improve math literacy.

From Engineers to Social Entrepreneurs

This year 20% of the MassChallenge Finalists fall into the Social Impact category. From educational outreach and environmental protection to international development and disaster response, these teams are driving social change with sustainable business practices. As budding social entrepreneurs we’re thrilled to be included in this group of rockstars. 

Minute to Pitch It: A Recap

Minute to Pitch It (#Min2Pitch) was a huge success! Last night, the 48 Finalists made a 60 second pitch to a crowd of fellow entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Go over time? To bad! The gong rang at one minute and the next Finalist was up. Consider it like speed dating for startups; one after another, the crowd was wowed with innovative ideas and mind blowing product solutions.

Tips & Tricks for a 60-Second Pitch

With Minute to Pitch It only a day away (RSVP here!), we at MassChallenge thought we’d share some of our entrepreneurs’ tips and tricks for delivering a 60-second pitch.
J. Alain Ferry, RaceMenu

Is Inbound the only sexy word?

Guest post from Recruiterbox Co-Founder Raj Sheth.
Over the last twelve months, Recruiterbox has been focused on inbound marketing to grow our customer base. The logic was simple – we have an easy-to-use web application for an affordable monthly subscription. Our site and signup process are so “simple,” that all we have to do is get relevant folks to visit the website.

Five Tips to Better Reach Your Twitter Audience

1. Have a picture, or in Twitter-speak—an avatar (and we’re not talking about the blue kind).
Profiles with a branded logo or headshot have an average of 250 followers more than an account without one.  According to Joselin, “no one wants to interact with an egg or bird!” (Note: Use a consistent photo of 250x250 pixel resolution to insure your brand photo displays clearly on most social media platforms.)
2. Don’t be selfish, share the love.

One Easy Exercise to Help Build Your Startup from the Heart

1. Take three pieces of paper, fold them in half into booklets and label them “I believe”, “I intend” and “I invent”.

2. What do you believe? 

    In the “I believe” booklet, write what you believe by completing as many sentences as you can that begin with “I believe ___.” Try to avoid using the word “in” because those sentences get tied to personal values. For example, instead of “I believe in creativity,” try something like “I believe people want to help each other complete their creative projects.”

Startup Efficiency: Three Tips for Focusing Your Kickstarter Launch

On July 31st we launched our Alpine Hammock project on Kickstarter and we learned a lot in a short period of time.   This is not a story about a successful Kickstarter campaign; the future of our project remains to be seen.  Rather, this is a post about how we rapidly launched a Kickstarter campaign through 30 days of intensive prepping.  One could easily spend months analyzing every nook and cranny of how to run a successful campaign but it’s often time-consuming and unnecessary.

The Best Show(case) on Earth

The wide variety of industries was on display as teams used all sorts of techniques to show how they are pushing the envelope in their respective fields. GG’s Originals played an important role – they provided snacks for the night to keep everyone energized. Memory on Hand and eone both had very engaging booths, showing off their portable USB wristbands and incredible braille watch respectively.