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Spotlight on Female Founders: Etiquette

Meet Estefy Santoscoy, Founder and CEO of Etiquette, the first online store that connects brides in a sharing economy. Hoping to make dreams come true, the sales and rental platform sources high-end designer wedding dresses and offers them to women for up to 70% off the initial price.

Why did you apply to MC?
I used to work for Estrenon, a 2015 MassChallenge alum and $100,000 winner. After that, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Spotlight on Female Founders: Girls Health Champions

Meet Priya Shankar, Founder and CEO of Girls Health Champions, which works to mitigate gender inequality and its impact on health outcomes. By creating a network of peer health educators at school and in the broader community, the organization helps prevent many health-related challenges adolescent girls around the world face, including inadequate nutrition and anemia, menstruation-related taboos, mental illness, gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, and more.

Why did you apply to MC?

Spotlight on Female Founders: DropZone for Veterans

Meet Courtney Wilson, Founder & CEO of DropZone for Veterans. As a female combat veteran, Courtney launched the digital platform to match the military community to personalized and high-impact resources, benefits, and opportunities.

Why did you apply to MC?

Spotlight on Female Founders: I Am Kréyol

Meet Joelle Jean-Fontaine, Founder and CEO of I Am Kréyol, a high-end women's fashion brand using fashion as a catalyst for change. Creating a movement focused on empowering women to be their best selves, every purchase supports poor and disenfranchised women in the U.S. and eventually Joelle’s homeland of Haiti.

Why did you apply to MC?

Spotlight on Female Founders: ADIFF

Across industries, women-led businesses are addressing some of society’s biggest problems and creating impact the world over.

Throughout the month of September, we’ll be introducing you to these founders, which represent 48% of the 2017 Boston cohort! We also invite you to join us on Thursday, September 7 at our Women Founders Network Showcase as we celebrate diversity in the MassChallenge entrepreneurial community.

Reflecting on the Power of Community

Written by Jen Ayer, Marketing and Events Intern

As other interns have discussed during this week’s blog takeover, MassChallenge welcomed more than 50 students from around the world to support top startups this summer. All of us are currently studying different areas in college and most of us want to wind up in various fields after graduation, but when I reflect on this internship experience, I realize that regardless of our backgrounds, working with entrepreneurs has left a tremendous impact.

Why I Chose Boston and Startups Should Too

Written by Kit Tan, Operations Intern

It was a windy August day when I first set foot in Boston a year ago – I had just flown 24 hours in the delightfully cramped confines of a metal tube and only one thing was on my mind: food.

Understanding the Power of Mentorship

Written by Adrianna Fazio, Mentorship Intern

MassChallenge is unique for a myriad of reasons. From the non-profit structure to the exceptional staff members, MassChallenge is a constant standout in a highly competitive sector. At the forefront of this exceptional company? The mentorship program.

Startups and Corporates: Teammates, Not Rivals (Part 2)

Written by Tyler Jung, Partnership Events and Operations Intern

As we mentioned in part one, startups and corporates have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Startups and Corporates: Teammates, Not Rivals

Written by Teddy Wahle, Startup Analyst Intern

For a tiny startup, corporate America can often seem like the biggest obstacle to achieving a goal like "Changing the World!" It's easy to assume that Fortune 500 monoliths want one thing: to keep everything the same. However, MassChallenge recognizes that the supposed 'conflict' between industrial incumbents and their potential disruptors is myth.

In reality, corporates and startups are both fighting for the same vision: innovations for a better world.

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