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Startups and Corporates: Teammates, Not Rivals (Part 2)

Written by Tyler Jung, Partnership Events and Operations Intern

As we mentioned in part one, startups and corporates have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Startups and Corporates: Teammates, Not Rivals

Written by Teddy Wahle, Startup Analyst Intern

For a tiny startup, corporate America can often seem like the biggest obstacle to achieving a goal like "Changing the World!" It's easy to assume that Fortune 500 monoliths want one thing: to keep everything the same. However, MassChallenge recognizes that the supposed 'conflict' between industrial incumbents and their potential disruptors is myth.

In reality, corporates and startups are both fighting for the same vision: innovations for a better world.

Aligned Goals

Students Building a Better Startup Ecosystem

Written by Molly Busch, Research Intern

“Why does your internship seem so fun?”

I’ve answered this question a few times throughout the summer from my friends working at various companies. The question came in response to hearing about my daily stories from the office such as playing VR video games, eating pancakes made from a 3D printer, starring in a startup promotional video, attending events such as the #MCShowcase17 and PULSE Finale, and going on a scavenger hunt around the city of Boston with a team of startups in our cohort.

Interning with the Most Startup-Friendly Accelerator

This summer, MassChallenge welcomed 50+ interns to support our efforts in catalyzing a global startup renaissance! Across departments, each intern gained valuable professional experience, immersed themselves in the local innovation ecosystem, and lent a hand in helping the world’s most-promising startups launch, grow, and create impact.

… and they had a lot of fun along the way!

PULSE Application Anxiety  —  How To Survive the Road to Success

Filling our your PULSE@ MassChallenge application takes concentration, thought, and energy — with these tips, you’ll hopefully get a better idea of what’s to come.

For its inaugural 2017 program, PULSE@ MassChallenge received over 430 applications worldwide from some revolutionary digital healthcare startups. Every application had a story behind it and each story was different in the way it was written and the experiences it exhibited. 

A Day in the Life: Interning at PULSE@MassChallenge

Written by Doria Leibowitz, PULSE@ MassChallenge Social Media & Marketing Intern

Startup Showcase

Boston Innovation MythBusters

Written by Anant Agrawal, MassChallenge Marketing Intern

Why Apply to PULSE@MassChallenge?

There are so many reasons to be a part of the PULSE @MassChallenge community. From strategic partnerships with our Champion organizations to accessible healthcare and business workshops to world-class mentors, PULSE provides access to the digital healthcare community that you wouldn’t be able to access anywhere else.

How Top Startups Will be Leveraging our 2017 Accelerator to Make a Difference

After months of preparing, refining their applications, perfecting pitches, and waiting to hear back on their acceptance, 128 finalist startups are ready to enter the 2017 MassChallenge Boston Accelerator program. These startups, representing just 8% of over 1,500 companies that applied, represent the highest-potential ideas in the world.

In four months, what do entrepreneurs in the incoming cohort hope to get out of our accelerator program? We asked some of our incoming Finalists, what are you most excited about accomplishing this summer? 

Gik Live!: the startup disrupting the world of wine

Startup viewpoint: Second time's the charm

Taig Mac Carthy from Gik Live! - the startup disrupting the wine industry - shares his viewpoint on why a major setback doesn't necessarily mean instant failure.