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In the Third Wave - Startups Will Finally Grow Up

From the nearly endless consumption of snacks, to the nerf darts that litter the floor and “pods” that are available for napping -- the hallmarks of offices built by top startup executives are deliberately engineered to encourage “play,” not work. You see this lampooned in HBO’s Silicon Valley, but for the past few years, entrepreneurship has been imbued with a certain sense of infantilism. 

Sell First; Scale Later

Here's the problem with building something that you predictively think will work: there's a big chance it could fail or come crashing down. 
Your software should do one or two things, and do them really well. Feature creep, over-engineering and over-optimizing for anything will take your product into a dark abyss from which there's no return. The main aim for any founder or engineering team should be to build an MVP first, then have the confidence to sell the product yourself. 

Considering Words

People often talk about actions, but tend to overlook words. The words we use significantly shape the way we think and see the world.

How to Build a Successful MassChallenge Application

To better help startups applying to MassChallenge tell their story, we’ve asked some of our top alumni for their advice on how to craft a winning MassChallenge application:
Mickey Cockrell, Catie’s Closet: