Backend Data Engineer

About EverTrue

EverTrue’s mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world. We hire smart, fun, and vibrant people who share a passion for making a difference in the world and who are naturally wired to care about the happiness of others.

EverTrue is a big data and analytics SaaS company meeting the needs of the technologically underserved $300 billion nonprofit market. At our company, the needs of the nonprofits we serve are at the heart of everything we do. From mobile-first innovative products that give nonprofits better donor data to applications that enable constituency groups like alumni to stay connected both with each other and their beloved alma maters, our cutting edge software is true to our mission of enabling relationship-building in pursuit of a better world.

Our mobile platform is utilized by over 200 institutions, providing a better way to track and engage constituents through the power of social data. We are a Bain Venture Capital backed company, and proud alumni of TechStars and MassChallenge.

The Role:

The platform team at EverTrue is staffed with folks who take pride in their work and approach programming as a craft. We take our crunch times seriously but also know when to step away and have fun.

We strive for building systems in such a way that lends credence to sustainability and resiliency. Part of our model is that backend developers own virtually everything including but not limited to, testing and operations. They run their own EC2 instances, monitoring, alerting, and testing. We believe this produces a natural incentive to do quality work and lends itself to good judgement on when to ship. And yes, developers get their own deploy button.

The team is responsible for seven REST API’s, some engineers own two but most own and concentrate on one. Along with that, are several backend data processing components and jobs built on top of Hadoop and Storm. These are shared amongst various members of the team.


- Work on the scalability, and resilience of backend components, built on REST API’s, Storm, Hadoop, and ElasticSearch
- Reconcile your engineering ideals with others on the team as well with existing practices
- Proactively debug warnings and have a keen understanding of dependencies and interactions between different systems and API’s
- Provide guidance and insight on best practices for the team

You are a good fit if…

- You have a background in Java or Ruby
- You ship code, period.
- You love distributed systems and the challenges that accompany them
- You view programming as a craft
- You believe testing your code is important
- You enjoy mentoring others
- You know when your systems aren’t working before the customer does
- You want responsibility with a wide degree of autonomy

Bonus Points:

- You have achieved success in performance and reliability critical environments using Hadoop, Storm, or ElasticSearch before and lived to tell about it
- You contribute to open source projects relating to API or data processing libraries / frameworks.
- You have used the following Java libraries; Guice, Guava, Jersey.

Our fantastic employee benefits package includes:

Medical Plan
Dental Plan
Vision Plan
Progressive holiday plan
401k Plan with Matching
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EverTrue, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

MassChallenge 2011 Accelerator Program
Job Type:
A full-time permanent position
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