Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Tripzon, Inc.

Location: Boston

Job Description:

We’re seeking a Chief Executive Officer to lead our early-stage startup, an innovating travel-packaging platform. This role is ideal for someone who has the right mix of hands-on leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, technology experience, and connections with the startup and/or travel community. The CEO will have primary responsibility for leading company fundraising, growth strategy, organizational leadership, financial and operational management, partner relationships and marketing efforts. He/she will also be responsible for the development and management of advisor and investor relationships.

The CEO candidate will have been successful in early-stage startup companies (or will have learned from previous failures) focused on the wants and needs of B2B or B2C ecommerce. In addition to being the face and voice of the company, the candidate should have experience attracting, managing, and closing angel and VC funding rounds. The new CEO will be taking over from the company Founder and will lead the current team of contractors and part-time programmers. The company raised $1M to date and is currently seeking a $500K Series Seed.

Focus During the First 6 Months - Responsibilities:

• Refine short/long term company and product roadmap.
• Help drive the current seed round with pitches to angels and early-stage investors.
• Oversee operating plan, budget, cash flow, and company finances.
• Build and motivate a world-class sales and marketing team to drive revenue.
• Responsible for all elements of HR, employee compensation plans, and benefits.
• Create and revise all travel content while building a world-class content development team.
• Ensure company and its businesses comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and, where appropriate, best practices.
• Establish, achieve, and report on milestones to the company’s owners and founding members.


• 3-5 years of junior and/or senior level management experience.
• Prior experience in sales and/or leadership efforts at a startup company or travel organization.
• Prior CEO/COO experience desired.
• Experience leading a new technology startup or division, preferably in travel or consumer facing
• 2+ years of strategic sales and marketing experience, ideally dealing with ecommerce and software platforms.
• Excellent leadership, negotiation, management, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
• Experience in fund raising through angels, super angels, and venture capitalists.
• Track record of building innovative, creative, and collaborative teams.
• Strong desire to lead from a strategic and tactical perspective in all aspects of day-to-day company operations.
• Strong undergraduate and/or graduate academic credentials preferred

Interested candidates, please submit your resume to

About Tripzon:

Tripzon™ is the first dynamic packaging platform for planning and booking complex trips. We’ve developed a SmartTrip™ itinerary system for flights, hotels, activities, car, and other travel components. Unlike traditional online packaging, our system offers itinerary sharing, multi-destination booking, and multi-component checkout. We are an energetic, young company, gaining traction and acclaim from leading experts in the travel industry. We were selected as a finalist in the 2013 Mass Challenge Accelerator program, a winner at the Silver Award level. We are an early stage startup with lofty goals and big plans to revolutionize travel packaging.

MassChallenge 2013 Accelerator Program
Job Type:
A full-time permanent position
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