Co-founder: Branding and Marketing @ Real Food Solutions

Company Description:
We are Real Food Solutions, a group born out of MIT and Harvard that believes in the power of food. Using clinical research, our company develops food-based solutions to common ailments. Our first product, the Anchor Nutrition Bar, prevents and eases nausea due to motion sickness, morning sickness, and other causes of nausea. It’s sold through locations throughout the country, including boats, ferries and cruises, grocery stores, and sporting goods stores like national retailer Bass Pro Shops. We have several other products in development.

We just finished participating in the accelerator Mass Challenge, and's Launchpad program. Visit and check us out in BostInno, Boston Magazine, and!

Our team currently consists of a full-time founder and CEO (FT), an MD on the faculty at Harvard Medical School supporting several activities (PT), a finance manager who also supports marketing efforts (PT), a nutritionist who contributes to product development (PT), and three interns who support sales, operations, and marketing efforts (1 FT, 2 PT).

Job description:
I, the CEO (Neheet) am looking for someone to join the team as a full-time co-founder. I want a partner to help build the company, grow it, strategize around new opportunities that we haven't even thought of yet, and be my partner throughout this process... someone who wants to see their vision and ideas come to fruition through the company, the culture, and team that we build together.

We're looking for someone who is an energetic thinker, a do-er; someone who can lead our marketing and branding strategies and also comfortably wear other hats.

We’re at an inflection point. We’ve built a solid customer base and have received great feedback by selling our product in targeted channels. We want to spread the word in online and other channels, and need a whiz to develop and lead a strategy through various activities:
• Continually develop our brand, its image, and position in the market, for current and future products.
• Identify opportunities for new products or for gaining market share.
• Generate and design awesome content.
• Tell our customers’ stories through video, print, and other media
• Encourage customers to try our product and drive customers to our stores
• Engage our core customer base through a VIP Customer Group and otherwise
• Gather feedback from customers to help improve the product placement, design, and functional attributes.
• Be a kick ass co-founder and help build a great company from the ground up!

You should be familiar with, or easily learn, software programs to achieve these goals. You should also be agile with numbers and analytics.

Lastly, we’re a start-up with a small team. So expect to wear other hats, and take initiative wherever needed. You’ll invariably end up spending lots of time in front of customers too, as we will continually be gathering feedback, knocking on doors, doing demos, and going to tradeshows. We never stop selling!

Job compensation:
Mix of equity and cash. We are raising our first angel round right now, so equity to start.

We work out of Mass Challenge in Seaport, Boston and Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square, Cambridge.

Please email if you’re interested or would like more information.

MassChallenge Boston 2016 Accelerator
Job Type:
A full-time permanent position
Application Email:
Real Food Solutions