Mobile Software Engineer/Architect

About Wanderu Careers:

We look for team members that are passionate about disrupting the travel status quo, and are thinkers and doers. We look for engineers that are intellectually curious, can think of solutions from multiple angles and that are constant learners.

We love to talk to engineers who have backgrounds in the following:

Graphs: Built systems that involved data that is highly interconnected like social networks,
transportation networks or any graph-like structure. Developed search algorithms
that can find objects or paths in an efficient way. We organize the Boston GraphDB

Application Development/Integration: Developed REST APIs and front-end applications, been
exposed to a full-stack framework. Experience with integration of e-commerce or payment systems.
We use Python, nodejs and Java/JVM languages.

Mobile: Built a mobile app for phones or tablets.

Distributed Systems: Built distributed systems that scale and can handle billions of
path combinations. Well versed in query optimization, caching and indexing.

Data Mining/Machine Learning/Analytics: Worked with “dirty” and unstructured datasets and extracted useful info like correlations, visualizations and predictions

Mobile Software Engineer/Architect:

- Strong foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
- Experience with iOS and/or Android
- Experience with C, Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa and Android SDKs/Java
- Experience integrating with web services i.e. RESTful APIs and JSON
- Good sense of mobile architecture design and knowledge of UI Design Patterns
- Proven track record of building apps with great user experience & interface
- Ideally have submitted apps to app stores
- Experience : 4+ yrs

MassChallenge 2012 Accelerator Program
Job Type:
A full-time permanent position
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