Part-time Full stack programmer

VocaliD creates custom vocal persona for text to speech applications. We are a startup that is a 2014 MassChallenge finalist and are looking to grow our software development team!

If you are familiar with Stephen Hawking's computerized voice, you may not know that the same voice may be used by thousands of others - men, women and children. VocaliD is changing that by blending unique voices that capture the personality and identity of the recipient - so every voice is heard. The personalization process requires combining samples of the recipient's vocalizations and several hours of speech from a matched voice donor. We have an MVP of a web and iOS app for collecting donor voices. We are now seeking a full stack developer to extend the platform and support the launch for the over 20,000 voice donors who have signed up to share the gift of voice.

- Design, develop, deploy, and support scalable web application
- support integration of the iOS app into the backend
- create tools for filtering and curating recorded voices
- extend monitoring and alerting functions to the backend
- design and implement gamification and learning layer to recording tools

- Experience in Python and Javascript a must
- Experience working with PostgreSQL
- Knowledge of Flask Web Framework or Tornado ideal
- Ideally have worked with AWS and Boto

This part-time contract position has the potential to morph into a full-time permanent position. Please send a cover letter and resume to

MassChallenge 2014 Accelerator Program
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A part-time contract position
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