Product Development Intern

OpportunitySpace: Product Development Spring Intern
Boston, Massachusetts

OpportunitySpace is an online marketplace and community that helps you discover and invest in untapped real estate opportunities. Our mission is to rebuild our cities by empowering public, private, and civic stakeholders to work together to reinvest in urban areas. We provide dynamic tools that streamline information access and create communication channels among these decision-makers. We are seeking candidates with interests in local government, creative urban redevelopment, and technology. We’ve been featured in Atlantic City Lab, Inc., and The New York Times, among others.

As a Product Development Intern, you will study existing client processes to inform new product development. You will analyze the needs of stakeholders engaged in creative urban redevelopment projects and develop strategies for engaging new clients. Your work will support client relations, product development, and business development.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will study government policies and processes that relate to creative redevelopment activities (e.g., the policies and processes by which the City of Boston releases vacant land to communities for urban gardening). You will report out your findings to the OpportunitySpace management team and when relevant, to our clients. Your day-to-day work will include:

Create stakeholder maps in various cities.
Map stakeholder real estate development and disposition processes.
Identify stakeholder needs and challenges.
Report findings to Chief Customer Officer and Chief Technology Officer.
Strategize new product design in response to your findings.
Coordinate with Graphic Designer to create process guides.
Manage content to deliver back to clients about users/projects/processes

Skills, Experience, Expectations

Strong communication skills.
Analytical and curious mind.
Familiar with policies, procedures, and mapping work flows
Desirable: Background in public policy, government, real estate development, product development, or design.


Young, exciting, start-up work environment
Flexible working hours: 10-15 hours/ week for 12 weeks
Work for course credit or $10-15/hr based on experience.
Potential for full-time work.

For consideration, please submit a cover letter that explains your qualifications and interest in the position and your resume by January 2nd.

MassChallenge 2014 Accelerator Program
Job Type:
An internship
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