Program Associate

WeThrive is seeking a new Program Associate. This position will primarily handle logistical functions involving the program. The purpose of this role will be to prepare the organization and its’ programs to kill it in the fall. A successful Program Associate will acquire programs, train mentors, and implement all programs to achieve success. Success here is therefore defined as program on-time starts and effective teaching to ensure learning outcomes.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review our website at prior to submitting materials for consideration. The successful candidate will additionally act and think entrepreneurially, committed to completing tasks efficiently and on time, and willing to act as a thought-partner to help the organization grow.

This role is currently set to be temporary, during the summer months, since the primary function will be to prepare the organization for the fall. However, reevaluation of the need or evolution of the role will be done in September and October.

Specific responsibilities include:
1. Prepares programs for success
Confirms logistics of start dates and program dates
Arrange for background checks to be done
Manages for recruitment of college student mentors
Co-facilitates training of college student mentors
2. Manages program acquisition funnel
Oversees virtual assistant
Respond to requests from Principals
Visits schools when necessary
3. Documents processes and structures for the organization to scale with
Co-creates training materials and modules
Builds knowledge base of FAQ’s from mentors
Helps create the automated training we’re moving towards
Search and find training module interim solutions
4. Ongoing program support
Helps to facilitate/manage reflections with Chapter Leaders
Arranges to grab the profiles and highlights from chapter leaders for social media
Thinks about and executes on how the program and it's curriculum can be improved

MassChallenge Boston 2016 Accelerator
Job Type:
A part-time permanent position
Application Email: