The Red Button looks for intenrs!

The Red Button looks for interns!
The Red Button is a nonprofit organization in Israel which lead the campaign against cyberbullying. we provide a technology solution that allow users to anonymously report when they exposed to any offensive content. hit on The Red Button will do a print screen and send it to us. with more than 60 volunteers and strong collaborations with all the big social media we removed up to 95% of the reports were considered as bullying contents.
Currently we participate in Masschallenge accelerator as one of the 2015 finalist and we looking for interns in order to do a market research over Us (cyberbullying numbers, market solutions, swot, etc.)
Please send your CV if you wish to take part helping us make the network a better place!

MassChallenge Boston 2015 Accelerator
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An internship
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The Red Button