Student of law focus on corporate law and Intellectual property

At Retail Sights we aim to increase sales and reduce unnecessary cost for brands and retail shops, by delivering a dashboard with real actionable insights and complex analytics detailing customer behavior at the point of sale. By using inexpensive sensors and cameras and with our artificial intelligence algorithms and computer vision technology placed on retail spaces, we capture unobserved behavior and extract information about customers and their interaction with the shopping environment.

We are a Mexican brand creating an entry strategy for U.S. through a Massachusetts program called MassChallenge and the support of The Global Cities Initiatives and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

We are a brand with several global awards in innovation and we have the support of IBM and Telefonica group from which we received seed capital investment.

We are looking for an intern interested in developing expertise and leadership in the legal administration of a high-technology and innovation brand, to be able to represent us in U.S. in this period of transition of our company.

The responsibilities are aimed in the implementation of the legal strategy to be able to sell our technology in the American market, duties will include but will not be limited to: speak with expert mentors in legal topics to design an effective strategy for U.S. in terms of privacy regulations, information property and Intellectual Property.

MassChallenge 2014 Accelerator Program
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An internship
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