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MassChallenge Names 26 Finalists for $1.5M in Funding

A network connecting families with trained nannies, a program to prevent food allergies in infants, and a company that makes low-cost radiation sensors are among more than two dozen finalists in this year’s MassChallenge startup accelerator.

MassChallenge said Thursday that it had culled its 2017 crop of 128 startups to 26 companies that will compete through the fall for a share of a $1.5 million pot of investment money. The organization — which offers grants but takes no equity in the companies it supports — will announce the winners on Nov. 2.

Here Are MassChallenge’s Top 26 Startups for 2017

MassChallenge has named the top 26 startups of its Boston startup accelerator that will compete for a total of $1.5 million in equity-free prizes. 

Per usual, the list includes some familiar faces for BostInno readers, including Athletes of Valor, which we first covered in 2016. Readers may also recognize OffGridBox and Voatz, which both went through the Techstars Boston accelerator earlier this year.

These 5 High-Tech Startups Have Made it to MassChallenge’s Finals

MassChallenge Boston announced the top 26 startups from its four-month accelerator program this week, which included companies producing some of the most innovative solutions across industries. Now, the 26 startups will move into the final judging round, where they’ll compete for shares of $1.5M in equity-free prizes. From connecting families to high-quality nannies to helping athletes strength train, the following five companies made the cut for their disruptive technology.

Bandwagon Grows for Amazon

Last week, Amazon said it would solicit bids from cities and states across North America as it searches for a second headquarters that the company says could be 8 million square feet and eventually house 50,000 employees.

Colin Angle, chief executive of Bedford-based iRobot, said he would push hard for Boston the next time he sees Bezos, whom he considers a mentor. Bezos visited iRobot offices for years in the early 2000s, speaking to employees and sitting in on strategy discussions.

The New World Order Of Artificial Intelligence

Written by Jennifer Kite-Powell

With governmental-backed funding for science in question, incubators and accelerators like TechCode and MassChallenge are picking up the pieces for AI and machine learning startups.

MassChallenge in Boston recently announced their 2017 class which has a two-fold increase in machine learning and AI start ups.  Out of the 128 startups, 30 percent are healthcare and life sciences while only six percent are cleantech and energy.

Bloomberg Business Hour

Produced by Tom Moroney and Anne Mostue 

TOM: Joining us now in studio is Nick Dougherty. He is the Program Director for PULSE @MassChallenge. We all know about MassChallenge, but PULSE is the digital health division. So, you are opening bids, or applications, for the 2018 season. You take in companies with $5 million or less in revenue and funding and you accelerate them -- you make them stars. Tell us a little bit more about this. 

MassChallenge Goes (Even More) Global

Written by Jon Chesto

Boston isn’t big enough to contain MassChallenge’s ambitions.

The nonprofit startup accelerator is shifting into a higher gear as it prepares for a national expansion, with a goal of having 12 hubs by the end of 2020.

This Simple Box Serves Up Running Water

Written by Ben Schiller 

Off Grid Box, an Italian startup, was founded to bring clean water and renewable energy to the millions of the people in the world who still live without. The box itself is a simple container, measuring six by six by six feet. With solar panels on top and water treatment inside, it can help remote communities with both off-grid energy and easily accessible filtered water. Founder and CEO Emiliano Cecchini has sold a few of the units, but he worries he’s not yet found the formula to take his invention to scale.

America's Top 7 Startup Accelerators

Written by Deep Patel 

MassChallenge (1,211 Startups Served)
MassChallenge, based in Boston, Massachusetts, started in 2010. Their large team of 175 people has helped 1,211 startups and created over 60,000 jobs in the global market, including Boston, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK. Localytics, their most notable alumnus, has raised almost $60M in venture capital.

MassChallenge Targets 100 Startups for New Texas Accelerator

Written by Kelly O'Brien

MassChallenge, the Boston-founded startup accelerator, is launching a second U.S. program in Austin, Texas with plans to accept up to 100 startups into a 2018 accelerator there.