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MassChallenge in Top Five Global Accelerators for Startups

The global report is also optimistic about the state of accelerators, not least by their adoption of lean methodology (build-measure-learn) to enable them to integrate better into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The result, the report concludes, is a better, more fine-tuned product and the rise of Accelerator 2.0.

What’s next for accelerators?

MassChallenge Named Top Accelerator for the 2016 Seed Rankings Project

Yael and her team at the Seed Rankings Project began their work 5 years ago with the goal of trying to create a conversation about the accelerator phenomenon and its effect -- between startups, investors, etc -- to better help entrepreneurs identify the creme of the crop, the accelerators that will actually help them get to where they want to go.

Here are the top Accelerators, according to the 2016 SARP:

Boosting Colombian Entrepreneurs with SENA

Since 1957, SENA has invested in the social and technical development of Colombians by offering and implementing comprehensive professional training for the incorporation and development of citizens in activities that contribute to the country’s social, economic and technological development.

Teaming with Cisco for Startup Incubation

CiscoEIR@MassChallenge, a joint incubation program of MassChallenge and Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (CiscoEIR), will combine the global reach and support of Cisco with the successful incubation model of MassChallenge. CiscoEIR@MassChallenge will help recognize and support early-stage entrepreneurs in the Boston area focusing on the Internet of Everything and other transformational opportunities strategic to Cisco.

Why YOU DON’T Want to Miss the 1st Annual MassChallenge Startup Golf Tournament

All twosomes have the opportunity to be paired with a MassChallenge startup and all proceeds from the event will benefit the $1 Million in annual prize money awarded to the MC finalists. The tournament is jam-packed with a variety of prizes for the winners and golfers will also be awarded for both longest drive and closest to pin!