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What does it take to judge 350 startups?

An awesome pool of over 200 judges donated their time (1,000+ hours!) and lended their expertise this at this year's round 2 judging to give startups constructive and in-depth feedback on their pitches. These judges helped us craft an investor-pitch, board-room-type atmosphere that not only gives entrepreneurs the experience they need to thrive in the innovation community, but also gives these semi-finalists a taste of what the summer would look like if they are accepted!

Where do the 1600+ startups come from?

Contrary to popular belief, the "Mass" in MassChallenge does not stand for "Massachusetts." In fact, a fun secret about MassChallenge is that it actually stands for "massive!" How massive? The map doesn't lie: 


What is Bitcoin and How Will They Affect Entrepreneurs?

As of 10:00AM EST 1 Bitcoin was valued at $1050 USD

What are Bitcoins?

  • According to their website, "Bitcoin is a digital currency you can use for personal transactions or business at high speed and low cost."
  • What does this mean? It means it’s a new type of online money that has no physical iteration. All transactions happen electronically.

We Are In The Impact Era - MassChallenge Awards Ceremony 2013

The Top 26 of the MassChallenge Accelerator, 2013 are contributing to this monumental time in a big way. MC is drenched in startup innovation. Our “Top 26” startups, representing global diversity and all industries, are ready and waiting to take the stage on October 30th in order to wow the masses once again. This date represents our ground-breaking Awards Ceremony and the final milestone of 2013’s Accelerator.

Finding Your Mission and Vision

During her talk at the boot camp opening, Diane focused mainly in company mission and vision and helped the 2013 MassChallenge Accelerator class begin to think about their own. Here are ten advice points on mission and vision, communicating these critical points, and general startup advice from Diane’s talk:

1. “Think less about what you do, and more about why” 

How Yahoo! is being Entrepreneurial

This has been the general opinion of the Yahoo/Tumblr acquisition since its announcement Sunday afternoon. In reality, this acquisition is so far looking to be in the best interest of Tumblr, and its massive artist community. In her announcement of this acquisition, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer wrote promised on her own tumblr blog to “not screw it up”.

Energizing Entrepreneurship with Startup Act 3.0

Recently, a bipartisan group of Senators on Capitol Hill have recognized the potential for startups, and introduced the Startup Act 3.0 Bill to be debated on the House floor to spur entrepreneurship on a national scale and make it easier for entrepreneurs to do what they love to do – create impact. H.R 714's stated goal is to “To jump-start economic recovery through the formation and growth of new businesses, and for other purposes.”

President Obama's Proposal for Immigration Reform Opens New Pathways for Global Innovation

If immigrants have enough big ideas to found nearly a quarter of America's tech companies, then why aren't we tapping into that well-spring of innovation to create more jobs and bring new ideas to the table to help restore creativity to the soul of America? 

Infographic: Alumni Metrics for Revenue and Funding

This installment of the infographic series demonstrates MassChallenge alumni growing by leaps and bounds. As of October 2012, teams have generated $96.1 million in revenue and raised $362.5 million in funding!  See for yourself:

Infographic: Painting the Walls, with IdeaPaint

Remember those days when your mom yelled at you for letting your crayons stray beyond the paper, or dare I say it, onto the walls?  Times have changed!