Software Engineer

KITRO is looking for a software engineer to join the team, to work on the machine learning and image processing section of the software. . If you are a hands-on decision-maker and like to take initiative please continue reading.

The Skills required: Technologies (intermediate): Python, opencv, tensorflow. Computer vision with deep learning expertise

Main focus: Image subtraction for detecting new food waste, using our current dataset.

Work hours: With relative flexible working hours you must be able to meet in person once a week with the whole team and twice per week in the evening with the co-software engineer.

Requirements: This position is only available for people based in Switzerland and who hold the sufficient legal work documents.

About the team:
We are a small team, with big goals. We want to have fun while building something great that will revolutionize food waste management. We are looking for someone with a It can be done attitude, who wants to be part of a fun, environmentally friendly and fast pace team.

About KITRO:
KITRO is a seamlessly integrated product comprised of the KITRO box and a software enabling restaurants to reduce their cost by decreasing their avoidable food waste. With the ability to identify, track and monitor food waste, KITRO elevates the food waste reduction possibilities within the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector. Integrated in all functions of the F&B outlet, this technologically advanced product allows all staff members to effortlessly identify the sources and quantities of food waste.

MassChallenge Boston 2017 Accelerator
Job Type:
A part-time permanent position
Application Email: