Job Description – CTO

About Inspecto
Inspecto is designing and manufacturing a consumers’ handheld device to use in supermarkets and at home to test for pesticides residues in food. The device sends detailed information in a user-friendly format to a smartphone application.
Using the data from consumers’ scans Inspecto offers added services through the application, namely “smart shopping”. Consumers can compare supermarkets, products, brands, coffee shops and much more in order to know and decide where to shop and eat.

Job Description
Inspecto is looking for a CTO to lead and manage the technological development of our product. In that capacity the CTO will need to manage the development team which currently includes a system engineer in RAMAN spectroscopy, biochemist and measurement expert in spectroscopy, industrial designer, patent consultant and standards consultant.

Required Fields of Experience
 Optical systems engineering
 Mechanical engineering
 Raman spectroscopy
 SERS - Surface Enhancement for Raman Spectroscopy (advantage)

Job Capacity
Starting part time, moving to full time

MassChallenge Boston 2016 Accelerator
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