We are looking to hire a coder who is proficient in C++ as well as web and iOS.

Is an app that allows practice of an interview or one on one conversation with real-time feedback and a score on the practice session based on voice recognition, eye / facial tracking software. Data and analytics are given to Autism Research on social and communication interactions. We want to build a game on the Kinect to reward users for practicing presentations, and for increasing eye contact and successful body language during practice.

Our mission is to enhance the social and occupational functioning of teens and young adults with technology that allows users to practice speaking, interviewing, and presenting to an audience.

We are in Mass Challenge this summer and also received the Ozy Genius Award for our startup development.

This person would ideally be someone who could integrate to our team and work alongside me as an Independent Service Provider (contracted basis) for equity in the company if we choose to hire them for the team at close of the summer.

The project is to develop an app for Kinect that allows users to stream questions from our Podium interface live on-screen, with a start and stop time for each question. The user can select an audience to practice speaking to and receive feedback based on the results of their speech timing.

The developer would need to work well with a team and with our Advisor for Technology Development at Tufts. He or She also needs to have a creative vision and passion for helping others – a desire to code something to help students around the world improve social and communication skills.

MassChallenge Boston 2015 Accelerator
Job Type:
A part-time contract position
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