We help startups win, no equity taken.

Our Approach

We’re the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. So friendly, that we take no equity from any of our startups. We give out over $2M globally each year in equity-free cash prizes to startups who are solving giant problems ranging from ending infant mortality and curing blindness in children, to harnessing the ocean's energy or eradicating the arsenic water crisis in Bangladesh, and even to subverting cultural norms around menstruation. Impact comes in many forms!

Here’s how it works:

  • We take zero equity.
  • We’re industry agnostic.
  • We accelerate startups at scale.
  • We’re currently in five markets with plans to be in 12 locations by 2020.

Not only that, our 1,211 startups have raised over $1.8B in funding, generated over $700M in revenue, and created over 60,000 jobs.

Watch our video and get inspired by our mission.

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