Partnership Opportunities

Ready, set, transform

MassChallenge can help you transform your innovation agenda and drive ROI through working with startups. Because we accelerate at scale, globally, and equity free, we are the ideal partner.

Fidelity Investments is proud to continue a tradition of support for innovation via our partnership with MassChallenge, which is leading the charge on accelerating the growth of young companies. 

Sean Belka, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Our partners enjoy:

  • Access to the world’s highest-potential, highest-impact startups – across all industries
  • Access to key global innovation influencers and best practices
  • Exposure for their top talent to the startup mindset and entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • The opportunity to discover internal innovation best practices

Hear what our partners have to say about the value they get from partnering with MassChallenge:


The State of Startup/Corporate Collaboration

In 2016, MassChallenge joined forces with innovation consultancy Imaginatik to validate our observations from seven years of accelerating startups and matching them up with large corporations. This first-of-its-kind report, The State of Startup/Corporation Collaboration 2016, examines the key factors and best practices for startup/corporate collaboration to help big businesses drive their innovation agendas.

Although they may have huge differences, startups and corporates both overwhelmingly agree that “strategic fit” is their top priority when looking for a partnership with each other, according the report. However, what strategic fit means for startups and corporates can be very different. Want to learn more? Download the report.


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