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2017  Finalist
Manufacturing + Consumer Products

MUVIN Enterprise offers SNOWLITE, fully disposable Organic-Salt-Carpet that dissolves 5 or more inches of snow over 50 sq ft with NO SHOVELING, NO NEED FOR CLEANUP, as it is made of EPA&FDA Approved ALL-WATER-SOLUBLE ingredients. SNOWLITE is designed to melt away approximately 5” of snow at 30°F, 10” at 15°F, 20”at 0°F with the lowest working temperature of -76° Fahrenheit.

Simply, roll out SNOWLITE on the intended areas (e.g. walkway, parking lots), and let your worries dissolve with snow.

2017  Finalist
Medical Devices + Design

Nonspec delivers affordable, adjustable prosthetic limb kits to clinics worldwide. We mass produce easily customizable prostheses that can fit any amputation site. Our initial focus is applying our patented core technology to below knee amputees. Our lightweight device allows the same components to be fit to an 8 and an 18 year old and expand as needed to compensate for patient growth, while maintaining comfort. The device can be fit and adjusted with minimal training and equipment.

2017  Finalist
Retail + Consumer Products

We fight against the massified production. Each person is unique and deserves original things!
Thumbs down to the boring, industrialized, untasty stuff. Embrace creation, originality, personality!
Every voice, song, bark... Has its own soundwave graph, which travels travels through space and arrives to our ears.
The drawing of the wave is captured and transformed into a tot-em, forever.
You create your own symbol, you create Tot-em.

2017  Finalist
Consumer Products

There are 7.4 billion unique people in the world, but why are glasses and helmets one-size-fits-all? We are revolutionizing the wearables industry with 3D Fit technology, combining state of the art 3D scanning with 3D printing to automatically measure, design, and produce bespoke products. Building off the successful launch of our first product - Falcon I sport sunglasses, we will continue to deliver safe and comfortable eyewear, masks, helmets and other products to every distinct individual.

2017  Finalist
Efficiency + Manufacturing

Peroxygen Systems is a clean chemistry company developing breakthrough technology for on-site hydrogen peroxide production. We are working toward fundamentally disrupting the existing manufacturing and distribution model for hydrogen peroxide. Our electrolyzer can reduce the cost of producing hydrogen peroxide by over 50%, while also completely eliminating the cost and safety issues associated with shipping and handling of high concentration hydrogen peroxide.

2017  Finalist

Kulisha works with food and beverage companies to convert organic waste into a sustainable, insect protein for animal feeds. The insects metabolize organic waste and are sold as a high-protein input for animal feeds. This solution addresses two key problems: it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, and it provides a sustainable alternative to fishmeal. With over 90% of our ocean ecosystems overfished, there is an urgent need to find an alternative to fishmeal for animal feed.

2017  Finalist
Transportation & Logistics

The all in 1 container weighing solution providing software and hardware solution for instant legislation compliance. Having a container weighed with Conweigh is as simple as booking a taxi. The platform services all customer segments with On Demand service providers carrying mobile equipment, on site equipment for customers to use themselves or Integration onto existing weighing equipment to produce compliant VGM certificates.

2017  Finalist
Water Treatment & Technology

Food processes require constant cleaning, but today's technology is old and causes bottlenecks, water waste, and a bad impact to our environment. We've developed a technology that simplifies cleaning in the industry to maximize its resources and reduce its impact on the environment. Phoenix is a PATENTED machine installed underneath a flat conveyor belt while the food process is running. It reduces the downtime, saves 95% of water, sanitizes and eliminates disposals. 10 units have been sold.