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2017  Finalist

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son venture inspired by co-founder John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome. We're spreading happiness through socks.

We have built our business on 4 pillars:

1. Demonstrating what's possible.
2. Giving Back: We donate 5% of earnings to the Special Olympics.
3. Socks You Can Love: Over 1,200 awesome socks
4. Gratitude: Service that is fast, personal and caring.

Our innovation? the indivisibility of social impact and retail achievement.

2017  Finalist
Retail + Consumer Products

We fight against the massified production. Each person is unique and deserves original things!
Thumbs down to the boring, industrialized, untasty stuff. Embrace creation, originality, personality!
Every voice, song, bark... Has its own soundwave graph, which travels travels through space and arrives to our ears.
The drawing of the wave is captured and transformed into a tot-em, forever.
You create your own symbol, you create Tot-em.

2017  Finalist
Consumer Products

There are 7.4 billion unique people in the world, but why are glasses and helmets one-size-fits-all? We are revolutionizing the wearables industry with 3D Fit technology, combining state of the art 3D scanning with 3D printing to automatically measure, design, and produce bespoke products. Building off the successful launch of our first product - Falcon I sport sunglasses, we will continue to deliver safe and comfortable eyewear, masks, helmets and other products to every distinct individual.

2017  Finalist
Poverty Alleviation

Roots Studio digitizes art from rural villages and transforms them into high-end and storied products, eliminating the burden of a costly supply chain. In 2 years, we have worked with hundreds of tribal artists across 4 states in India. Through our design hubs, we enable artwork to be uploaded and discovered by retail markets that appreciate culturally authentic designs. Our vision is to build a world in which artists can financially sustain their livelihoods while keeping their roots alive.

2017  Finalist
Transportation & Logistics

Carriers (e.g., UPS, FedEx, USPS) run overlapping, redundant networks, driving the same streets & making many identical stops each day. This is driven by an outdated, static pricing model that can't price daily network conditions.

OnRout is an optimization platform for parcels. Routing individual parcels to the most efficient carrier for delivery; driving route consolidation, lowering costs for carriers & shippers, & taking trucks off the road.

2017  Finalist
Online Commerce & Marketplaces

We are sharing love gown by gown.

ETIQUETTE The first Online store for renting and selling designer wedding dresses based on a shared economy, which connects brides with a unique digital experience

We connect high-income women or bridal stores that have a wedding dress stored and want to recover their investment with middle-income women that are looking for the perfect designer wedding dress saving up to 70%